Genuine Draft

So today is the Major League “Don’t Call It Amateur Because Scott Boras Will Send A Kid To Play For The St. Paul Saints And Make Him A Free Agent” Draft.

I don’t have a lot to say about it because we all know Stephen Strasburg is going to the Nationals at 1 and then a lot of players that chances are you never heard of will go later.

Chances are my Red Sox are going to draft a catcher and it might be Boston College star Tony Sanchez, who I wouldn’t know if he came up to me and said “Hi, I’m Boston College star Tony Sanchez.”

I’ve already written why the Draft tells us NOTHING about the players the teams are getting.

Last year I wrote about why analysis on draft day is borderline insane.

And this March I urged the Nationals to spread the Strasburg bonus money around because their farm system is more than one player away from contention.

Sit back and enjoy the draft if you watch it.

I think MLB Network should have Brien Taylor, Todd Van Poppel and David Clyde as commentators.

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