Hey Castillo… TWO HANDS!

Seriously… why is catching a ball with two hands such a rarity?

The Mets are on the verge of wiggling out of an amazingly tight spot, win a game against the Yankees and try to creep back towards the Phillies in the NL East… and Luis Castillo can’t be bothered to use two hands.
It is cruel that Frankie Rodriguez gets a blown save for getting Alex Rodriguez to pop up to second to end the game.
Can’t they find a loop hole in the rule book to give Castillo the loss?
Either way, in case anyone wonders why I am keeping a tally of Dodged Bullet and Teeth Grinder games for the Red Sox, look no further than this game between the Yankees and Mets.
If the Mets finish one game out of the playoffs for the third straight year, they can look to this game and say “Oh man… that was actually a win… and the Mets would go to the playoffs… if Castillo had used two hands.”
Do you know who used two hands?

Steve Bartman.

And who hit the ball to Bartman?
Luis Castillo.
You’d think he would have learned.

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