I expect a REALLY long standing ovation for Derek Lowe tonight!

Derek Lowe gave Red Sox fans a lot of joy…

As an All Star reliever and then being an All Star starter.

He was a post season hero as a reliever by closing out the 2003 Division Series and winning the clinching game of the 2004 Division Series.

Then he threw the remarkable 1 hit performance at Yankee Stadium to clinch the pennant and finish the greatest comeback in baseball history (or the biggest collapse depending on who you talk to.)

His last game in a Red Sox uniform? He pitched 7 shutout innings and the Red Sox clinched the World Series.

Not a bad last game.

Now as I wrote in my reunions post, Lowe gave us agita as well… but he had the good sense to leave on top.

He deserves a very very long ovation… and then hopefully he loses to Beckett.

Actually I hope the bullpen blows a lead for him. I can’t root for a 2004 Red Sox to lose.

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