Cain is able

I wonder how many times Matt Cain has heard that?

Probably daily. Oh well.
I’m just happy that stories about Matt Cain no longer have include the phrase “pitching better than his record would indicate.”
In fact he is the walking proof that Win Loss record can be overrated.
He posted sub 4.00 ERAs the last two seasons (3.65 in 2007, 3.76 in 2008.) On a team that could score 4 runs a game, he’d be a 15-16 game winner easily.
But on a team that considered Randy Winn its big run producer, he would put up 7-16 and 8-14 records.
Well now he’s a 10 game winner and an All Star. And the Giants, as my dad keeps reminding me, are a playoff team with terrific pitching (throw in this Ryan Sadowski kid who might be for real!) and suddenly Cain might be pitching in October.
My dad said “Cain’s the ace of the team.”
I reminded him that not only was Lincecum the defending Cy Young award winner but leads the league in strike outs, innings pitched, complete games, shutouts and second in the league in ERA.”
My dad said “Cain has more wins.”
I let it slide. Cain was underrated because of his win loss record, so I suppose he could be overrated a little for the same reason.

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