Pittsburgh is the Island

Remember The Island?

That crappy Michael Bay film with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson?
Well I am going to spoil the twist in the film. It came out 4 years ago, so I don’t feel too bad about it.
There is a whole colony of cloned people whose whole purpose in life is have healthy organs ready to give to the people they were cloned after.
In other words they are spare parts to be harvested to healthier and richer bodies.
Well to understand it better, follow the Pittsburgh Pirates.
The bring up players and have them play in the majors.
They have major league games, face major league pitching and major league competition. And just when they seem ready to really contribute, healthier and richer teams whisk them away.

Adam LaRoche is the latest… he’s off to Boston while Hunter Strickland and Argenis Diaz join today’s hero Brandon Moss, Craig Hansen and Freddy Sanchez as former Red Sox dumped onto the island until they become valuable and then will be traded (like McClouth and Nyger Morgan were earlier this year.)

I already asked why they should bother this year... but at least don’t emulate a bad Michael Bay film!

(Are there any other kind of Michael Bay films?)

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Back… and to the left… Back… and to the left

Well it has come to this…

Less than a month ago, the Red Sox had a 5 game lead. Now they trail the Yankees by a game and are one game away from being swept for the first time all season.
Am I in panic mode?
No. I’d rather see the Red Sox peak in October than in July.
But the team needs a bat and they need one now. They can’t afford to blow many more complete games like the one Beckett threw tonight.
Oh I’m grinding my teeth tonight.

April 17 – 10-8 win against Orioles. (Overcame 7-0 deficit.)
April 24 – 5-4 win against Yankees. (Bay homers off of Rivera in 9th to tie it.)
April 25 – 16-11 win against Yankees. (Overcame 6-0 deficit.)
April 29 – 6-5 win at Cleveland. (Overcame 5-0 deficit.)
May 12 – 4-3 win at Anaheim. (Down 3-1 in the 8th.)
June 11 – 4-3 win against Yankees. (Down 3-1 in the 8th. Rallied against Sabathia.)
June 12 – 5-2 win at Philadelphia. (Overcame Ryan Howard’s 9th inning shot to win in 13)
June 21 – 6-5 win against Atlanta. (The wind turns Nick Green’s fly ball into a walk off shot)
June 27 – 1-0 win at Atlanta. (Masterson and Papelbon wiggle out of late jams.)
July 1 – 6-5 win at Baltimore. (Sox score 4 in the 9th and Lugo wins in in the 11th)
July 8 – 5-4 win against Oakland. (Wind keeps Hairston’s 9th inning go ahead homer in the ballpark)
July 10 – 1-0 win against Kansas City. (Pedroia drives in the only run with 2 outs in the 8th.)
April 14 – 6-5 loss at Oakland. (Sox blow early 3-0 lead. Lose in 12)
April 28 – 9-8 loss at Cleveland. (Sox blow early 5-1 lead. Lopez drops 3rd out.)
May 14 – 5-4 loss at Anaheim. (Ortiz goes 0-7 stranding 12 runners.)
May 15 – 5-4 loss at Seattle. (Red Sox blow their second 4-0 lead in three days.)
May 17 – 3-2 loss at Seattle. (Red Sox strand two in the 9th. Lose in the bottom of the 9th.)
May 23 – 3-2 loss to the Mets. (Papelbon lets up a 2 out 2 run homer in the 9th to Omir Santos)
June 18 – 2-1 loss to the Marlins. (Rain washes out a tight game after 5+ innings.)
June 28 – 2-1 loss to the Braves. (Tying run on base in the 9th. Solid Penny outing wasted)
June 30 – 11-10 loss at Baltimore. (The Red Sox blow a late 10-1 to the lowly Orioles.)
July 3 – 7-6 loss to Seattle. (Red Sox comeback in the 8th only to lose in the 11th.)
July 4 – 3-2 loss to Seattle. (Saito walks three in the 9th as the Mariners rally to win)
July 9 – 8-6 loss to the Royals. (Bullpen blows early 4-0 lead.)
July 21 – 4-2 loss at Texas. (Beckett loses a complete game and the Yankees take over first.)
Down to -1.
And the Red Sox had their first 4 game losing streak of the season.
Time to turn it around with a Clay Buchholz win.

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