45 is the only number Red Sox fans should be thinking about.
The Red Sox and Rangers are tied.
They don’t play each other again for the rest of the regular season.
There are 44 games left for the Red Sox.
There are 44 games left for the Rangers.
So this is the season… these 44 games. 
Any combination of Red Sox wins and Rangers losses that equal 45 means they go to the playoffs… and the sweep by the Yankees and injuries and the slumps are all forgotten.
Don’t worry about the Yankees except in head to head games.
Just worry about the Rangers.
And I’ll dare say it… root for the Yankees to beat the Rangers.
I’m not saying cheer on the Yankees. But clap while looking conflicted, like Helen Hunt when she was giving Elia Kazan a standing ovation at the Oscars.
The goal is to make it to the playoffs.
Nothing else matters.
Ugly wins are still wins.
Hard luck losses are still losses.
No style points anymore… it’s too late for that.
It’s time to count down from 45!
Buchholz starts tomorrow against Roy Halladay. No pressure.
Meanwhile the Twins and Scott Baker play the Rangers and Kevin Millwood.
Those are the only two games that matter.
Concentrate on 45.
As in Colt
As in Pedro
As in VJ-Day

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