Penny finally shows his worth

Brad Penny wasn’t worth his last name as a pitcher for the Red Sox… and he did the honorable thing. He took one for the team and asked for his release.

Basically committed baseball hari kari (not Harry Carey.)
Maybe Theo should have listened to Larry Bowa!
Once Teixeria skedaddled to the Yankees, the Red Sox did the smart thing and not simply throw money at someone else to respond to the Yankees.
They kept their money and their draft picks and went bargain hunting.
And in came Takashi Saito, John Smoltz, Rocco Baldelli and Brad Penny who combined are paid $9 million less than Teixeria is this season.
Saito is a mop up man, Baldelli is a seldom used injury riddled 4th outfielder and Smoltz and Penny got released.
Sometimes you can find something great in the bargain bin, but most of the times there is nothing but cheap crap.
At least Penny knew he was cheap crap. 
Watch him go to the Cardinals and throw a no hitter. 

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He didn’t do it AGAIN did he?

I saw the Pirates scored a run in the bottom of the 9th to tie the game against the Phillies.

I thought “Oh Dear God! LIDGE!!!!”
I checked the game and nope… it wasn’t Lidge. It was Ryan Madson.
Man! Repeating is TOUGH, isn’t it?

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