Baseball is so unpredictable it is almost predictable

What did I say the other day about the finale of the Red Sox – Blue Jays series?

I wrote:

Today Halladay pitches against Paul Byrd.
Wait… Paul Byrd?
OK, it is a good day to go to the beach. The Red Sox aren’t winning today.

Yeah. I went to the beach. A 38 year old who hadn’t thrown a pitch in the big leagues all year against a front runner for the Cy Young Award?

OF COURSE Byrd was going to throw 6 shutout innings and Halladay would get rocked.

Looks like Paul Byrd found God again.

It’s games like this one that make me NEVER bet on sporting events.

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I guess Zack Grienke DOES want to win the AL Cy Young Award

Not long after my wondering if anyone actually wants to win this award, Grienke is doing his best to say “Cool it! It’s mine!”

1-0 complete game shutouts in late August tend to help seal the deal.

And with Roy Halladay and Josh Beckett stinking it up recently, it is looking more and more like Grienke will put a tremendous line on his resume for when he goes to free agency and signs with either the Red Sox or the Yankees.

However with Justin Verlander’s win today and CC Sabathia lurking, it’s not his yet.

But man it is close.
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This wasn’t the biggest hit in Edgar Renteria’s career

When someone hits a come from behind grand slam in late August that puts his team into a tie for a playoff spot… you’d think that would be the biggest hit in that guy’s career.

Well Edgar Renteria got a bigger one than his blast today.

Remember he got a walk off single in the 11th inning to win Game 7 of the 1997 World Series for the Marlins.

And I bet you forgot he hit a walk off hit in Game 1 of the Division Series that year against the Giants.

But the Giants swept the Rockies and will go into September tied for a playoff spot… and they will have the best starting pitching of any of the Wild Card contenders.

That maybe be only the third biggest hit in Edgar Renteria’s career… but Giants fans are more than happy with the Bronze!

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