Why October 4 is a big day at Sully Baseball?

This is a big anniversary for the staff at Sully Baseball.


Not because it is the same day Gene Bearden and the Indians beat the Red Sox in a one game playoff for the 1948 AL Pennant.

Not because it was the day the Dodgers won their only World Series in Brooklyn.

Nope. It was the day in 2003 that I married the amazing.

I love her even more than the Red Sox… which is fighting words.

And I know she loves me even though she knows my attention will be focused on the playoffs next week.

I love you wife.


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Strange scenario that will never happen but fun to think about

OK, let’s say the Twins win the Division and face the Yankees in the playoffs.

That would mean the Twins would start Carl Pavano against New York. 
How awesome would it be if Pavano stops the Yankees?
It won’t happen, but isn’t that worth asking a genie for?
Maybe the Yankees would offer him a 4 year contract afterwards.

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This has been fun… but let’s go Tigers

As a person who is neither a Twins nor a Tigers fan, you can’t ask for anything better than this.

The Twins and the Tigers have played 161 games to a draw and go into the last day of the season tied without the safety net of a Wild Card.

Now here comes the Red Sox fan and Yankee hater coming to the surface:
I want the Tigers to win and win today.
The scenario I came up with, Verlander winning two games and A. J. Burnett choking, can only work if the Tigers win.
And as likable as the Twins are, there is NO WAY that team is beating the Yankees.
So let’s see a happy Jim Leyland and have a Tigers team on an emotional high with nothing to lose going into the Bronx.
Again, the Tigers need to know they are playing for petty Red Sox fans!

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