OK, deep breath

Alright this sucks.
The mighty Red Sox have scored 1 run in 2 games.
To put that in perspective, I could dig up the entire 1918 Red Sox squad, throw THEM on the field and they’d nearly match the ’09 squad’s output.
Beckett and Lester were the keys and they both let up 3 run innings that were their undoing.
So here we are again… in ’86, ’99, ’03, ’04 and ’07 the Red Sox were on the brink of a humiliating defeat only to come back each time. (In ’86, ’99 and ’03 of course the season ended with frustration at the hands of a New York team, but the earlier rounds brought the glory of the Hendu homer, Pedro’s no hit relief appearance and Trot’s walk off.)
So is it going to be one of THOSE years?
Or is it going to be like the ’88 team? Or the ’90 team? Or the ’95 team? Or the ’98 team? Or the ’05 team?
Teams that made the playoffs but were out of it before you could say Tony Graffanino.
I said all this in 2007.
I said all this last year.
I’m saying it again THIS year.
And at 9AM west coast time on Sunday, we’ll find out what kind of memories we’ll have for this team.

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Don’t play game 3

Seriously… don’t play game 3 of the Division Series. Any hope of this being a competitive series ended tonight.

What else could any Twins fan (or Yankee hater) want than a 2 run lead and a rested and ready Joe Nathan on the mound on the 9th?
Or maybe bases loaded nobody out and the Twins facing a Yankee bullpen that had already used Rivera, Chamberlain, Hughes and Coke.
It could have been a series changing win.
Hell, it could have had a ripple effect across the entire post season!
1-1 going to the Metrodome? 
Suddenly the Yankee season in jeopardy with a loss in Minnesota!
But noooooooo.
We got Joe Nathan somehow afraid to throw a strike until he wound up throwing a meatball to A-Rod… and threw a ball into center field.
We got Joe Mauer unable to score from second on a single.
And now we have the specter of the final ever game at the Metrodome be a Yankee celebration.
Don’t play it. 

The last games at the Metrodome was the wild sweep to finish the season and the jaw dropping extra inning do or die playoff against the Tigers.
Wouldn’t it be better to have the lasting image of the Metrodome be Carlos Gomez leaping through the air, rather than the Yankees high fiving in front of a silent crowd?
Just don’t play the game.
OK, how about this for a compromise?
You play Game 3… but you play it in the OLD Yankee Stadium… for old time’s sake.
I mean the old stadium is just sitting there.

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