OK, this is getting nuts.

Another day and another insane 9th inning rally.

We’ve already had 5 walk off wins including 4 in extra innings.

How many closers can blow games this post season, including the one game playoff?

Well throw Jonathan Broxton onto the pile with…

Fernando Rodney
Ryan Franklin
Huston Street
Jonathan Papelbon
Joe Nathan
Brian Fuentes

And I’m not even counting Chan Ho Park who blew a save but wasn’t the closer but still blew the save the other day.

With the loss today, Broxton joins Franklin, Papelbon and Street as closers who blew a game with 2 outs in the 9th.

And of course the irony of irony is the winner of today’s game?
Brad Lidge. The one guy everyone assumed would blow a game or 3. And right now he has 4 post season appearances, has 3 saves a win and a 0.00 ERA.

So much for my pulling for the Dodgers today. The chances of a 7th game this year is slipping away.

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