Enough with Manny’s shower

I can’t believe that people are STILL TALKING about Manny Ramirez in the shower.

The Dodgers didn’t lose Game 4 of the NLCS because Ramirez was trying to feel Zestfully Clean.

They lost because Jonathan Broxton lost control and walked Matt Stairs and hit Carlos Ruiz.

If Jonathan Broxton got Jimmy Rollins to ground out, Manny’s shower would be a funny footnote.

Now people are talking about the shower as if it was the point where the Dodgers lost the series?

I thought it had more to do with Clayton Kershaw not being able to make it out of the 5th inning of game 1… and Hideki Kuroda letting up 6 runs in fewer than 2 innings of game 2… and Vincente Padilla being knocked out after 3 innings…

When 3 of 4 starts barely COMBINE for 9 innings, it is tough to win.

When the pitching staff’s collective ERA is 7.38, it’s tough to win.

Maybe if Casey Blake hits higher than .105 or Rafael Furcal scores a single run the Dodgers would still be playing.

But they didn’t lose because Manny wasn’t cheerleading.

Look, he took a shower. He has more hair than anyone on the team… it takes longer to clean.

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