It’s harsh… but comebacks are meaningless unless they go all the way

The Phillies showed some resolve not being eliminated in 5.

So did the Angels… will ANYONE remember that?


If the Yankees win game 6 or 7, nobody will remember any fight the Phillies had.

Is that harsh?


Well let me ask you something?

Do you remember how much heart the Mets had in 1999?

How about how the Pirates got off the matt in 1992 and started beating a Braves team that seemed to be incredibly superior?

Do you remember how the 1972 Reds fought back in the World Series against the A’s?

Or the Impossble Dream Red Sox coming back from a 3-1 hole to force a game 7 in 1967?


If you remember 1999, it is Kenny Rogers walking in the winning rin.
Francisco Cabrera is the only thing anyone remember about the 1992 NLCS.
72 was about Joe Rudi and Gene Tenace.
Bob Gibson is what people remember about ’67.

Even the brilliant Red Sox comeback in the Rays series last year has been forgotten.

The only times anyone remembers a team that came back and lost was if there was a great homer or two.

People remember the 1975 Red Sox because of Carbo and Fisk.
The 2001 Yankees are remembered for the homers off of Kim by Tino, Jeter and Brosius.
The 2005 Cardinals are remembered because of Pujols homer off of Lidge.

So 2009 Phillies… you don’t want to be forgotten?

You’d better win.

Or hit a few dramatic homers.

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