Kelvim Escobar signs with the Mets… why not?

Seriously… why not?

The Mets have been ravaged with injuries and broken down players.
The Mets seem to have been cobbled together with veterans who you thought have retired and rookies who should be in AA

So no doubt Omar Minaya looked at the available free agents and said “Hey, he’s made 1 start in the bigs over the last 2 years. That’s what we need… another medical liability. Not Jon Garland and his 200 innings a year plus World Series experience. Nahhh… we want the guy with one game under his belt over the past 2 years.”

Rich Harden has the durability of Nolan Ryan compared to him.

They are expecting a quality start out of him.

Let me put this in perspective.
Over the past two seasons, Kelvim Escobar has made one more start than Harry Morgan.

I don’t know what is more amazing:

That Escobar was nearly tied by Sherman Potter…
Or that Morgan is still alive!

Either way, it doesn’t bode well for the Mets pitching staff.

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Jason Bay… we hardly knew ye

So it is official… Jason Bay is a Met and his days as a Red Sox left fielder are over.

And even though the signing was announced less than 24 hours ago, it has already been declared a bust by, Yahoo Sports, The Post, and many bloggers.

Tough crowd.

And while as a Red Sox fan I would rather see him break down on someone else’s dime (and pick up a few draft picks from the Mets) I think Bay is worth a nice salute before he leaves.

He played well for the Sox (with a few slumps here and there) over a year and a half.
And to the morons who say that the Red Sox lost the 2008 pennant because they had Bay instead of Ramirez, please do a little homework.

Bay would have been the MVP of the Division Series in 2008 if they gave out that award. (I do.)

He batted .412 in the (and a 1.356 OPS) in the Division Series, including a key home run in Game 1 amd doubling in the 9th inning of Game 4 and scoring the series ending run.

And the Red Sox didn’t lose the ALCS to the Rays because of Bay (and his .927 OPS.) They lost because Beckett got crushed in Game 2, Lester got crushed in Game 3, Wakefield got crushed in Game 4 and the Red Sox couldn’t hit Garza nor Price in Game 7.

It’s always about pitching.

Oh and lest we forget Bay’s home run against Mariano Rivera last spring. (Doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago?)

So the Sox aren’t being sentimental… they are piling up draft picks and hoping to make the next big smash.

But Bay, while still ringless (and will probably remain that in Flushing) he is still worth a Red Sox fan salute.
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Lots of people lament during the off season that big market teams (the Yankees, the Red Sox and the Mets) sign all of the big free agents and small market teams like the A’s can never retain their All Stars.

Well the times are a changin’ again!

Happy Days are here again!

Didn’t you hear? The Oakland A’s reached deep into their pocket books and re-signed a 2 time All Star and kept one of their own in the fold!

That’s right. Justin Duchscherer will remain an Oakland Athletic!

That makes up for losing Reggie Jackson, Jason Giambi, Johnny Damon and Miguel Tejada, doesn’t it?

OK, hands up if you knew Duchscherer was a ONE TIME All Star, let alone two!
I am guessing not a lot of hands went up.

No player since Scott Cooper has taken advantage of the “Mike Sharperson Memorial All Star Award” better than Duchscherer.

If the All Star Game didn’t have the insane (but wonderfully nutty) “Every team needs an All Star” rule, the only was Duchscherer would be at the All Star Game was if he had a friend with a ticket.

Lord knows none of his TEAMMATES would be at the game.

And oh yeah, the two time All Star missed ALL of 2009 with back problems and depression. So the only way Oakland can keep their All Stars is if they are broken down physically and chemically.

But lately A’s fans can’t really be picky.

With Duchscherer back, maybe I’ll pick the A’s again!

Maybe not.

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