One question about the whole Ron Washington thing

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So Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine… and evidently he did coke at Augusta. (Way to take cover behind the Tiger Woods scandal.)

I admire that Washington didn’t try to deny it and I also admire the Rangers didn’t show him the door. He’s supposedly a good baseball man and shouldn’t be put out to pasture for a mistake. The organization has Josh Hamilton on their payroll, so they know a thing or two about giving people a second chance. (No pressure trying to win this season, Ron.)

But what caught my eye is his quote “This was the only time I used this drug.”

Wow. That is some rotten luck. You get caught 100% of the times you use a drug!

That brought up my main question:
How people START cocaine at age 57?

Did he look at his “bucket list” and say “Wow, I’ve never crossed off Act more like Tony Montana“?

Strikes me as a strange time to begin a bad addiction.

Oh what do I know?

It just goes to show you another thing… remember how shocking the cocaine scandals of the 1980s were?

I guess after a decade of sluggers injecting horse hormones into their butt and Manny Ramirez using female birth control, cocaine just seems kind of quaint.

Oh well… let’s play ball.

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