Oh dear… it is beginning for Milton Bradley

Milton Bradley got ejected during yesterday’s spring training game against Cincinnati.

At least he is showing his hot head days are behind him… oh wait.

Exactly how p*ssed off do you have to be to get tossed from a spring training game?

Hey Milton! It’s a practice game! THEY DON’T COUNT!!!

Seriously, if you wanted out of the game, just hold on for an inning or two. By the 5th inning, your spot in the lineup will be taken by someone destined to play for the Clinton Lumber Kings with #94 on his back.

At this rate, Bradley will beat the crap out of the Mariner Moose on opening day.

Although maybe this is an omen for the Mariners this year. With Cliff Lee getting tossed and Milton Bradley showing that he remains a total lunatic… maybe the Mariners will be a brawling and scrapping team.

I wonder if around this time, Carlos Silva and his 6 something ERA is starting to look better.

Maybe there is a reason that a super talented former All Star is now on his 8th organization in 11 years.

I don’t know how this season is going to end for Milton Bradley (actually I do… he’ll be cut and top prospect Michael Saunders will take his place.) But one thing I DO know is the Mariners have to make sure they keep the coffee away from Milton… he’s wound up enough!

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