The countdown to the Milton Bradley meltdown is winding down

In spring training, Milton Bradley was ejected from multiple games… games that DIDN’T COUNT!

Before the calendar got to April 10th, he was already flipping off the fans in Oakland… a fan base that he’s already alienated.

If I were Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik I would already be working out a press release for when he is placed on waivers, explaining what a good guy he is but after [INSERT DISRUPTIVE INCIDENT HERE] it was clear to both parties that it was time to move on.

Trust me, it isn’t if, but WHEN.

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It’s Turn Back The Clock Day in Kansas City!

Oh my goodness…

Jason Varitek AND Mike Lowell are in the lineup?

Is is a 2007 World Series reunion?
Can Bobby Kielty be far behind?
Did they sign a one day contract like Nomar?

Oh wait, they haven’t retired yet.
I keep forgetting.

And oh yeah, it is Old Timers day against Zack Greinke.

Ohhhh boy.

If the Sox are just going to dust off the old timers against the defending Cy Young winner, they might as well see if George “Boomer” Scott is around to take a few swings.

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A mildly impressive win by the Yankees

Sabathia threw a no hitter into the 8th.

The Yankees took advantage of Wade Davis’ few mistakes and beat the bullpen like a pinata.

Oh who am I kidding?

These are the types of win you throw under the “best case scenario” column if you are a Yankee fan.

Heck, it is a day where Jorge Posada gets a breather and Francisco Cervelli fills in, calls a great game and knocks in a few runs.

And do you know what? I bet if I dig deep enough into the internet, I will find a Yankee fan site that will complain about how this game turned out.

The internet is a strange place.
Trust me… some Yankee fan isn’t happy today.

Maybe they just don’t Ramiro Pena and are mad he got into a game.

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