This is a trade the Cubs WISHED they made

Last winter I proposed that three teams work together and swap albatross contracts. It was along the lines of what the Mariners and Cubs did in swapping Milton Bradley for Carlos Silva.

The mega mistake deal I proposed included yet another behemoth contract that the Cubs shelled out. (Doesn’t that tell you something? That maybe front office mistakes have more to do with the Cubs not winning than a Billy Goat or poor Steve Bartman!)

I suggested that the Cubs take their disgruntled and underachieving one time superstar Alfonso Soriano and ship him off in a three team trade. The Giants would unload their disappointing erstwhile ace Barry Zito and the Blue Jays would send one time face of the franchise Vernon Wells out of town.

The thought process was maybe they all need a change of scenery. Maybe a change could jolt their careers. Maybe going to a ballpark where the fans shake their head at the very mention of your name could be a bit much.

In my deal the Cubs would send Soriano to the Giants.
The Giants would send Zito to Toronto.
The Blue Jays would then send Wells to Wrigley.

I bet the Cubs wished they pulled off that deal.

Wells is off to a fast start in Toronto with 6 homers, an average of .340 and an OPS of 1.224.

Zito is mowing down batters left and right with a 2-0 record, an ERA of 1.86 and a .176 batting average against, giving the Giants a chance to think maybe the signing wasn’t a complete mistake.

And Soriano… ooof.
There’s talk of benching him.
His contract is no considered to be the worst in baseball.
He is vilified in Wrigley.

And there’s not a lot of places where they can ship him off.

Not to get all Presidential on you Cubs fans… but when you see Soriano next, just think to yourself “FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!”

If they ever find a place to ship Soriano the Cubs won’t be done dealing yet.

Kosuke Fukudome is still cashing a paycheck

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Hope and Change in Queens

I got an e mail today from my cousin Dave, who is a huge Mets fan.
The subject was “HOPE.”

Now Dave is a lifelong Republican, so I doubt it was an Obama e mail.

Nope, his e mail simply said “Ike Davis, 1st ML AB, base hit.

The Mets are FINALLY taking my advice and going with young kids.
I’m not saying Ike Davis is the new Albert Pujols… but the idea of a young kid coming up and getting a hit has got my Met fan friends (and family) more excited than the Jason Bay signing.

And it will be a memorable first day at the office for Ike.

He gets a pie in his face the first day and the first uniform number he wore was #42

Hope indeed.
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A silver lining for Phillies and Giants fans

OK. I know the Phillies lost a close game to the Marlins and the Giants coughed up an 8th inning lead to the Dodgers…

And I always think that I would rather have my team win ugly than lose with dignity.
And I also know that Phillies games against the Marlins will probably be vital in terms of shaving down the magic number.

And I know the Giants fans NEVER want to lose to the Dodgers.
But Cole Hamels pitched a damn good game against a tough hitting team. And Barry Zito has been terrific so far. Had the Giants kept that lead, he’d be 3-0 with a sub 2 ERA… along with his teammate Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay, Adam Wainwright and Ubaldo Jimenez.

He’s been so bad since crossing the bay after the 2006 ALCS that people forget that the Giants best paid pitcher was actually once quite good.

If Hamels and Zito are good this year, it will be like the Phillies and the Giants each made a great trade. Crappy Hamels for good Hamels… Overwhelmed by the contract Zito for Taking them by surprise Zito.

Or put simpler: A lousy albatross head case dealt for an effective top the rotation guy.

Or put even dumber: Getting a number 2 pitcher in exchange for someone who pitches LIKE number 2.

Always end classy!

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