Hey A’s fans… show up to the game tomorrow

I’m serious. The Rangers are coming into town and do you know what happens if the A’s win on Monday?

They’ll be in first place… BY THEMSELVES… and it isn’t April.

Yeah I know that nobody will confuse this team with the Charlie O’Finley mustache gang of the mid 1970s… or the Bash Brother/Dave Stewart/Tony LaRussa A’s… or even the Moneyball A’s with the 20 game win streak in 2002…

But this team was supposed to be no good. And truth be told, they aren’t.
They are a .500 team.

But .500 means they are only ½ a game out of first!
They can go into first place in May and try to win a suddenly very winnable division.

This is the time of the year when teams are still wondering “is this better than I thought start a fluke or are we good?”

Maybe a better than expected start could mean a team is like the 2006 Tigers or the 2008 Rays… an out of nowhere pennant winner.

Or maybe they are like the Blue Jays last year, who flopped after a red hot start.

All I know is this could be one of the few highlights for the A’s this year, or it could be the beginning of a magical year.

Either way, a win would be cool

And I expect more than 10,000 at the game tomorrow.
Come on! Show up! Support your pennant contenders!

I know Don Marquez’s family will be there, but let’s see a few more wearing green and gold.

Heck, your team could be in first place by the time tomorrow ends. Savor it!

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