We interrupt baseball talk for a second to give a plug to the latest HBO Sports special… The Broad Street Bullies.

The show follows the outrageous, violent and vilified Philadelphia Flyers of the 1970s and how they fought and brawled their way to the Stanley Cup titles in 1974 and 1975.

They follow Bill Barber, Bill Clement, Dave “The Hammer” Schultz, “Moose” DuPont, Bobby Clarke and all the rest of the toothless grin Flyers who were the most polarizing team in hockey history… and took on the Russians in 1976.

Even if you are not a hockey fan, trust me… watch it. HBO Sports NEVER gets it wrong.

Their recent documentary Magic and Bird: A Courtship of Rivals was riveting.

And Broad Street Bullies is directed by friend of Sully Baseball George Roy.

He directed the riveting films City Dump, Fists of Freedom and Mantle.

And oh yeah… he also directed yours truly in the Emmy Award winning Curse of the Bambino and the brilliant follow up Reverse the Curse of the Bambino.

So check out the trailer and set your DVRs tonight!

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What is this "Red Sox blow out" you speak of?

I don’t believe it.
The Red Sox actually won a blow out game.

As in “the game was not in doubt late.”
As in “the Red Sox took a 13 run lead into the 9th inning.”
As in “they were able to rest Bard, Okajima and Papelbon in the game.”
As in “no need to update the Teeth Grinder/Dodged Bullet tally.”

Now the Red Sox did everything in their power to MAKE it interesting. Buchholz struggled in the 6th.

Schoeneweis let up 4 in the 9th to make his ERA ugly.

But after the ugly weekend in Baltimore, it is nice to see the Red Sox unload, pad some stats (four players had 3 or more RBI) and Adrian Beltre got his first Red Sox homer. Even Bill Hall hit one out!

A stress free victory… against a team a team that has won 5 of 6 division titles no less.

I can get used to victories like this.
(I am not counting on them, but I can get used to them.)

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Get Well Dave Roberts…

The Sox are down and they need a lift to spark a lifeless team… they need a Dave Roberts like jolt.

And today we all received news that puts the 2010 Red Sox’s woes in perspective. Dave Roberts, the most beloved 4th outfielder in Red Sox history (sorry Hendu) has lymphoma.

Evidently it was caught relatively early, but still our thoughts, hopes, prayers or whatever you like to do should go to the man who gave all of Boston hope on an unlikely October night.

Good Luck Dave… steal another one… this time for yourself.

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