I have a dream… that Boston fans would have better perspective

Last night was a great tribute to Nomar Garciaparra… someone whom I have already saluted on the blog.

It was wonderful to see whatever ill will existed 5 or 6 years ago between management and Nomar has been put aside to remember what a terrific Red Sox player he was.

But of course it is Boston… the city of my youth… and these are Red Sox fans… and I am one of them… and someone HAS to say something nuts.

And that person would be this lady, who appears in a Boston Globe video posted by Dirt Dog guru Steve Silva.

She compares the night that Nomar got traded to one of those days you all remember like “when Martin Luther King got shot.”

I’m just glad they cut away before she took the analogy further. “And you know Dr. King died defending racial justice and Nomar was traded and it lead to the Sox winning the 2004 World Series… so he sacrificed himself for a greater good. I just can’t figure out who was more noble.”

It’s one of those moments where I can’t figure out if I am proud or ashamed to be a Sox fan. I guess a funny combination.

Here’s her clip… it’s right after the band plays up top.

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