Hey Mariners… even YOU can score off of Joe Saunders

I am serious Seattle… I know you have NO bats right now.
I know that Ken Griffey SENIOR could probably crack this line up now.

I know you’ve scored 9 runs all month (and none since Wednesday).

I know you are in a 7 game slide and suddenly that whole “We have Two Aces! We’re going to win the West!” sentiment has started to give way to “I hope we can get some good prospects for Cliff Lee” resignation.

But COME ON! You are facing Joe Saunders tonight.
Yeah I know Joe was an All Star in 2008 and a 16 game winner last year. But in 2010 he is one the main culprits why the three time defending division champion Angels look so pathetic right now.

He’s let up 5 or more runs in 3 of his 6 starts, is a 1-5 pitcher with a 7.04 ERA.
And his lone win (and only solid outing) was a game on April 17th when he threw 8 innings with no earned runs against a Blue Jays team that was in a horrible slump.

How horrible? Joe Saunders shut them down!

Take out that one game and he is 0-5 with a 9.52 ERA.
That’s a run an inning.

You can do it, Mariners. You can score some runs tonight. I bet even the Mariner Moose could go 1-4 against Saunders.

A Mariner win would put the Angels in last place in the loss column.

Let’s see what you’ve got Mariners.

It’s Joe Saunders.

Score a run.

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