Hey Die Hard Ranger Fan… Sully wants to talk to you

I saw this guy in a bunch of the highlights of last night’s classic A’s/Rangers game that nobody saw.

This guy was there… and he was loving the game and no doubt crushed by the final score.

He is a true die hard Rangers fan, wearing the throw back jersey and every thing.
I am sure he would read my Rangers Home Grown vs. Acquired Entry and have tons of problems with it.

Here’s why I am fascinated with this guy… as I wrote before, I have NEVER met a die hard Rangers fan.

EVER! Texas is always associated with football and the few Texans who I know who love baseball are Astros fans.

I’ve never met a soul who lives and dies with the Rangers.

So if you are this guy or you know him… get in touch with me at info@sullybaseball.com

Seriously, I would love to hear who your favorite players were and what your favorite Rangers memories are.

They play in a football crazed state that also has great NBA teams. And they are the only franchise to never win a playoff series.

Yet here this guy is… cheering on the Rangers and still believing.

You are clearly a GREAT baseball fan.
And I always want to meet great baseball fans.
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