Not THIS TIME, Tyler Clippard!

He almost did it again.

Tyler Clippard came into another game… his third straight game with the lead… and coughed up the lead.

He did it against the Mets at CitiField in the 8th inning. Ergo part one of his diabolical plot was complete.

He saw that Roy Halladay was rained out in Colorado. Now with the lead wiped out, all he had to do was prevent the Mets from taking the lead, go into the 9th as the pitcher of record and have the Nats score.

And that would give him his 7th win of the season. He would be 7-0… and on his way not only to a 20 win season but also staring Jack Chesbro in the face as he guns for 42 wins this season.

I’ve already broken down his plan!

But the problem is he let the Mets take the lead… and he was saddled with the loss.

On the one hand, Clippard has a 6-1 record and a 1.88 ERA.

He also has 5 blown saves already.

I bet that is more than Jack Chesbro had all year.
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