Um maybe it was best that this WASN’T shown in Cincinnati!

Earlier today, I griped about the Reds game not being shown on TV in Cincinnati.
Now I realize it was merciful that it wasn’t!

This is why baseball is the greatest game of them all.
In football if a team was down by a lot with a minute to go, you can take a knee.
In basketball you can run out the clock.
In hockey you can trap until time runs out.

In baseball, you need to get 27 outs.

The Braves down 9-3 in the 9th and dead from the neck up? They just got hit after hit… the Reds made a few errors… next thing you know some guy named Brooks Conrad hit a ball off of Laynce Nix’s glove and over the wall for a walk off grand slam.

Of course Conrad thought Nix had caught it and started walking back to the dugout… before he put 2 and 2 together and realized that everyone was rushing the field… and they wouldn’t do that for a sacrifice fly that made the score 9-7, Reds.

The really unfair thing…

If Laynce Nix is remembered at all for this game, it will be because the walk off grand slam went in and out of his glove.

He went 3 for 5 with 3 RBI, a homer and missed the cycle by a triple.

Joey Votto hit a grand slam as well… nobody will remember that.

It’s a cruel game and a sure fire win turned into a gut wrenching loss… and with the Cardinals win, the Reds have fallen out of first place.

Man, it’s a good things Reds fans didn’t see this!

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The Reds game isn’t on TV? Is Cincinnati now Oakland?

The Cincinnati Reds are in first place here in late May. This afternoon they are playing the Atlanta Braves and young phenom Mike Leake is on the mound.

The Reds are blowing the Braves out of the building as of this writing and it looks like the Reds will continue their hot play and stay in first.

And guess what?
According to my MLB.TV links, it isn’t on TV in Cincinnati!

The hell?

I got on Oakland for not broadcasting all of their games… but no offense to Oakland, but in terms of baseball tradition, you aren’t Cincinnati.

The A’s can stay in Oakland or move to Fremont or San Jose and there will still be order in the baseball world.

Removing the Reds from Cincinnati would mean taking a team away from the birthplace of professional baseball.

Seriously? You can’t show every Reds game on TV? Especially when they are on a winning streak and in first place?

Mike Leake is pitching a great game and has a double to boot.

The offense is firing on all pistons as they chased Tommy Hansen after two innings.

Nix homered and hit a 2 run double.

Joey Votto hit a grandslam.

But it isn’t aired in the Queen City!

What in the name of Bid McPhee is going on here?

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Nolan Ryan’s Turf

I am glad to see Nolan Ryan is back endorsing products again… this time he is an apathetic pitchman for Lowe’s Hardware and Scott’s Lawncare.

I found one thing to be a little odd. He was looking for stuff to grow grass and talked about how he played on some great turf.

And of course what team did he play for longer than any other team in his career?

That would be the Houston Astros… who of course played on Astroturf.

If the Lowe’s Guy was such an expert to have people wanting his autograph, you’d think he’d at least ask Ryan if he wanted to see any of the primo artificial lawns that they have in the back.

(These are the things that pop into my head while watching a Padres/Dodgers blow out late at night.)

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