Did you know there was ANOTHER huge debut tonight?

It’s not the same thunderous debut as Strasburg but the Marlins just added a potential impact bat to their lineup in Mike Stanton.

In his first at bat he got an infield single and then scored on a double.

If he becomes a true big league slugger then who knows?
He might make former Braves/Red Sox/Rangers/Yankees/Mets/Nationals/Giants/Reds reliever the OTHER Mike Stanton.

Heck he should come out of retirement just to face Mike Stanton!

Well, the Marlins Mike Stanton needs to win 3 World Series titles and get selected to an All Star team if he wants to have Mike Stanton bragging rights.

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No Pressure, Strasburg

People are watching a baseball game in Washington for the first time since Calvin Coolidge was in office.

They are counting down his first pitch.
Jayson Stark is talking about how this is the most anticipated debut.
It’s leading off SportsCenter over Lakers/Celtics.

Jeez… the guy is probably going to go 5 innings and let up 3 runs… and then probably Tyler Clippard will steal the win.

Ah who am I kidding? I am watching it too.
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