I know we’re not supposed to be impressed by wins anymore…

Wins are no longer in vogue to demonstrate the value of a pitcher.
Someone once said to me it was an irrelevant stat. And while it isn’t always the most accurate barometer for quality (look at my Bert Blyleven article if you don’t believe me) it IS the goal of a pitcher to win the game.
If someone wins 20 games in a season, chances are all 20 games weren’t flukes.
So while I don’t put all my eggs in the win basket, I don’t throw the basket away either.
And there is something to think about regarding Ubaldo Jimenez’s season.
He has 14 wins already and 1 loss.
His ERA has SOARED to 1.83.
But those 14 wins stick out.
If he wins 4 more games this year, he will have the highest single season win total in the history of the Colorado Rockies.
Now granted, the Rockies don’t have a rich pitching history like the Dodgers or Giants… but this IS their 18th season. There were players drafted this year who can honestly say “The Rockies have existed for all of my life.”
And Pedro Astacio, Jeff Francis and Kevin Ritz all logged 17 wins in a season.
Jimenez might top that by the All Star break and is now only 20 wins away from passing Aaron Cook as the franchise’s all time career wins leader.
Not sure what all of this means.
I am guessing it means it is late and I should go to bed.

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