Let’s look at the positive things about today’s game, Blue Jays

For 7 of the 8 innings you pitched today against the Yankees, you kept them scoreless.

You held the mighty Yankees to 2 hits and no runs in 7 out of 8 innings. Seriously, I tip my cap to you for 7/8 of your pitching today.

That’s a darn good ratio of good innings to bad innings.

Now that one inning that they DID score was problematic.
9 hits, 3 walks, a hit by pitch, a wild pitch and ELEVEN EARNED RUNS is not a good inning.
That could have had some improvements and is something to try to avoid in the future.

But the majority of the game today… GOOD JOB!


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There seems to be a lot of pictures like this of Joba Chamberlain

Another day, another run let up late in the game for Joba Chamberlain.
His ERA is now a robust 5.40 and yesterday blew a lead that could have been a huge morale builder for A. J. Burnett.
I hate to say this as a Red Sox fan, but as a human being I feel bad for him.
Just trade him already… it will help all sides out!

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Jamie Moyer deserved better

What the hell happened to the Phillies? Aren’t they supposed to be the NL answer to the Yankees and Red Sox juggernaut?

Aren’t they supposed to be a dynasty in the making?

Don’t the know they have Jamie Moyer pitching tonight, sitting on 267 wins… a mere 33 wins from a trip to Cooperstown?

He pitched well… 6 innings, 1 earned run, 8 strikeouts versus the lowly Pirates.

But the mighty Phillies managed NO runs off of Ross Ohlendorf! Going into tonight’s game he was tied with ME for wins.

Come on Phils!
You’ve got an unlikely uniform to retire and Hall of Fame ticket to punch. Let’s get on the ball. You can’t blame EVERYTHING on Chase Utley’s injury!

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