There really were no pinch runners left?

A lot of people are asking why Alex Rodriguez wasn’t brought in by Joe Girardi in the 9th inning (as if John Buck and Ian Kinsler were chumps.

I just wonder why there was nobody left to pinch run in the 9th.

Seriously, every day it seemed like there was 3 or 4 more people added to the roster every day, are you telling me there wasn’t ONE DUDE who could go from first to second on a bloop to the outfield?

Yeah, I know Ortiz was in a pickle and he couldn’t just take off to second or run back to first. I know he couldn’t tag up.

But there must have been ONE player on the damn roster who could have waited midway through and dashed to second when the ball dropped by Marlon Byrd.

If the Yankees are on the road for Game 7 of the World Series, I wonder if Joe Girardi would think to himself “Man, maybe I shouldn’t have used three third basemen in a 9 inning game.”

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