Yankee fans are throwing Jeter under the bus? This Red Sox fan WON’T HAVE IT!

Wow… it is a strange world we live in. I am a Red Sox fan and I am coming to the defense of Derek Jeter who is being dog piled by Yankee fans.

Even Bizarro finds this odd.

Yesterday I gave Jeter what I thought was a deserved tip of the cap for his class and understanding his role on the team.

Kind of a quick harmless post from me. And it is good ammo against anyone who says I don’t give the Yankees any credit.

I figured that was that and I would move on with my life.

But nooooooooooooooo.

I got a few comments on my page and even more private e mails from people all KILLING Derek Jeter.

My cousin Chris e mailed me wanting to know my opinion on Jeter not being at Bob Sheppard’s funeral.

Lisa at Subway Squawkers, one of my favorite New York baseball sites, is on Jeter’s case.
So is John Harper at the Daily News.
And Bill Madden at the Daily News.
And Mike Mazzeo from the Star Ledger.

And I bet a lot more if I had the time or energy to look more.

REALLY? We’re really going to throw Jeter under a bus?
We’re going to act like Derek Jeter hasn’t been 100% respectful of the Yankee tradition and specifically the legacy of Bob Sheppard this whole time?

After all Jeter has done in a Yankee uniform, and this is coming from a Red Sox fan, to represent its tradition, its titles, its link to the past and its place in New Yorkers lives, you are telling me Jeter has NOTHING in the bank in terms of credit?

This is not some knucklehead like Ben Roethlisberger or some Rent a Yankee who couldn’t get out of town fast enough like Randy Johnson. This isn’t a dope like Vince Coleman who didn’t know who Jackie Robinson was or Jack McDowell flipping off the Yankee fans.

This is the captain of the team.
This is the man who continued to have Sheppard’s voice announce him when they went to the new stadium.
He’s the one who paid tribute to him and The Boss in front of 50,000+ fans and did so without notes and was clearly choked up.

He’s earned the benefit of the doubt.
If he wasn’t at the funeral then he should be given a pass. There was probably a reason. Maybe it was a “if the whole team doesn’t go, then nobody should go” thing. Maybe it was a “we will pay tribute our way… publicly and in a heartfelt way.”

Whatever it was… maybe you shouldn’t jump to the conclusion that he did the wrong thing or isn’t showing class.

This isn’t Steve Howe. It’s Derek Jeter… and some day there will be a day for him in the Bronx and will have earned it. (I am assuming he has earned it. According to some Yankee fans he evidently still needs to prove his reverence for the franchise.)

By the way, the next time one of you Yankee fans accuse me of just slamming your team, remember how I came to your captain’s defense.

(But if you don’t give Jeter credit, what hope do I have?)

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Hey Texas! You want to win dressed like THAT?

I wrote back on June 21st that I am not buying the Texas Rangers.

I’ve seen too many Rangers teams over the years look damn good until Arlington Texas turns into a kiln and suddenly the pitching staff turns into Shrinky Dinks.

And they finished the first half of the season on a 4 game slide including a sweep by the lowly Orioles.

However, they are making short work of my Red Sox since the All Star break.

They are up by 6 games in the loss column over the Angels.
They picked up Cliff Lee who should give the team a boost (not to mention the bullpen a rest).

They COULD win this Division.

And let’s say Cliff Lee wins a pair of games in the Division Series and Colby Lewis or someone steals another game. (As of now the Rangers would play the Rays in the Division Series and have home field advantage.)

And what if they make it to the ALCS for the first time and their powerhouse line up propels them past the Yankees and into the World Series.

And then let’s say the 2010 Texas Rangers does the unthinkable and takes out their National League counterparts.

Let’s say they do it… and win the World Series.

Do they REALLY want to be crowned champions in these dull uniforms?

Look at them!

Just “TEXAS” on each uni? Really? OK, fine if you want to wear the road grays or dark blue top with Texas, that’s fine.
But the HOME jersey with just a boring “TEXAS” across the chest? No “RANGERS”?
That’s the most dull uniform decision since the Oakland A’s just printing “OAKLAND” in block letters across their jerseys in the mid 1980s.
Now the Rangers have had a checkered past in their uniforms. They have a few entries in my “Most Forgettable Uniforms of the past 30 Years” entry.
And their two main uniform designs before this one are not my favorite.
This uniform with the wild west “Home on the Range” font never did anything for me…

Even someone as bad ass as Al Oliver couldn’t make this uniform look good.

Plus, name one memorable moment that happened in these unis that call for nostalgia.

Can’t do it, can you?

Nolan Ryan looked awesome in the 80s and 90s throwing no hitters in his Rangers uniform…

Unfortunately he also looked like a Dodger! Those threads are just a little too much like the L.A. home unis for my taste.

So I am clearly not advocating going back to THOSE styles.

This alternate uniform worn by Mark Teixeira in 2006 is cool.

The “T” to the side reminds me of the old English D for the Tigers but it isn’t the same font or color scheme.

Plus I am a sucker for the sleeveless jerseys.

But the best home uniforms they ever had were from their only Division Title years, 1996, 1998 and 1999.

The red hats. The red piping. The cool wild west font.

Sure it feels a little like the Red Sox uniforms, but the all red motif sets it apart.

Plus they WON in those uniforms. They had 3 MVPs. And they fit the incredibly juiced up bodies of those Rangers clubs.

Bring those back for the second half of the season. Tell Selig it will help sell more jerseys. There’s no way he could say no to THAT!

So come, Rangers. If you want to BE a champion, it helps to LOOK like one.

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Is there any Louisiana Lightning left in that arm?

Ron Guidry was at Yankee Old Timers Day today… he looks pretty good.
I’m serious. With all of the lousy bullpens in baseball these days and everyone looking for a left hander, are you telling me that Ron Guidry couldn’t make a staff or two?
OK, maybe not the Yankees, but are you saying the Mariners, the Orioles, the Royals and the Diamondbacks would have no place for him?
Make some calls, Ron.

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