No longer sleeping Giants

Did you notice the Giants are 9-2 since the All Star Break?

Chances are if you said “Yes” to that, you are my dad.
But for the rest of you… the Giants are suddenly for real and if the playoffs started today, they would be playing the Atlanta Braves in the Division Series.

Now they could probably use another bat, but with Buster Posey making his own case for Rookie of the Year, it might not have to be a huge impact bat.

That being said, as the unpredictable Marlins come to San Francisco, Giants fans need to do something unpleasant:

You need to root for the Dodgers this week.

I know it is hard for you all, but trust me it is for the best.

The Giants are 4 back in the loss column of San Diego and they’ve been winning with smoke and mirrors all season. A nice losing streak by the Friars could land the Giants in first place and the possibility of being on top of the standings is worth a few Dodger wins.

Trust me on this one.

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Nice to see you Mr. President. Thanks for building a stadium without a roof in Texas!

The Rangers won the series against the Angels and still have a 7 game lead in the AL West.

Call me crazy, but I am standing by “Wake me when it is Labor Day and the Rangers are in first place” stance when it comes to Texas.

The heat is going to be murder and the Angels essentially swapped out Joe Saunders and his mediocre numbers for Dan Haren and his potential All Star numbers.

Don’t count out the Angels yet.

They’ll make the Rangers sweat… as if they won’t be sweating enough as it is.
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The latest insult to the Mets… Kenley Jansen

Joe Torre let someone named Kenley Jansen pitch the 9th inning of a 1-0 game that L.A. desperately needed to win.

If you never saw Jansen pitch in the majors, it is because he only had one appearance before today.

If you don’t remember him climbing up the Dodger farm system, it is because a little more than a year ago he was a catcher in the Dodger farm system.

Today, he got a 1-2-3 inning and the save.

Now he could turn around and be the next Rich Gossage and #74 could be retired at Chavez Ravine.

But right now the Mets bats are so flacid, that a pitcher making his second appearance EVER can get an effortless save.

Don’t wear out his arm, Joe.
His name isn’t Scott Procter.

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