Yes Buck… Angelos is still the owner

Suddenly Buck doesn’t look so happy about the new gig.

He had a nice cushy TV gig and now he is taking the baseball gig that can be best be compared to coaching the Oakland Raiders.

The gig used to mean pride and championships.

Now it is a joke being played out in front of empty seats, pissed off fans and an owner who should sell the team out of mercy.

Then again all Buck has to do is lead them to mediocrity and he’ll be a hero. Lest we forget the Orioles haven’t been a .500 team since the 1997 ALCS. Their incompetency streak is a mere 5 years shorter than their opponents from ’71 and ’79, the Pirates.

Good luck Buck.

Start by changing back to the smiling bird hat.

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Ryan! You don’t get hurt AFTER the Trade Deadline!!

Seriously… if you are going to go on the DL, make sure it is on July 30th or before. What good does it do on August 1st?

Anytime between opening day and July 31st, the Phillies can easily make a deal and BOOM! They have another star first baseman.

But now the Phillies are without their big guy in the middle of their lineup and the immortal Ross Gload will be starting at first base.

If Howard had done this a few days earlier, maybe Lance Berkman would be there… or maybe the guy covering first base on the play that sidelined Howard, Adam Dunn.

But noooooo….

Just remember people: TIME YOUR INJURIES!

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