The Dodgers are toast

The Dodgers went into last night’s game 9 back in the loss column and a mere 3 games over .500. That is a perilous position for the two time defending NL West Champs. The only two branches they could hang on to at this point are they have a head to head series against the Padres and a sweep of that series would set themselves up for a potential comeback in August and September.

So how did they do?

They didn’t show up.
A 10-5 crushing at home.

10 games back in the loss column and their 6th straight loss.

Keep in mind on June 16th, the Dodgers were in first place by themselves.
In the 41 game since then, they’ve had three different 6 game losing streaks.

They have been 16-25 since then. Only the long left for dead Pirates and Diamondbacks have been worse since.

Now they are facing a double digit deficit in the loss column and a .500 record right in the face.

The ship has sailed and no doubt so will the Joe Torre era in L.A.

It started off so promising… Torre leading the Dodgers to the NLCS while the Yankees failed to make the playoffs and a core of nice players like Ether, Kemp, Loney, Kershaw, Martin and Broxton giving the team hope and Manny giving the team character.

And now they are in the express lane to total irrelevance. With all of their losing streaks, they may have trouble staying above .500.

This current Dodgers team is probably going to go down along with the Mike Piazza/Eric Karros/Raul Mondesi years or perhaps the Adrian Beltre/Paul LoDuca/Eric Gagne years.

Good enough to make the post season but not good enough to make any sort of dent in the post season.

(Ironically the are ALL deeper in talent than the 1988 team that won it all.)

So Torre will probably step down, Manny is out the door and the McCourts will try to make us all feel like the divorce had nothing to do with anything.

They aren’t showing much pride at this point and maybe a fresh start will do the organization well.

But for the rest of the year? Put butter on them. They are toast.

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