Even with the rout, I’m not buying the Red Sox yet

I love a nice blowout. A game where the Sox can pitch well, hit well and pad their stats. It is good for morale and good for me when I am raising my kids to not be staring at a computer screen to see how the Sox did.

A 10-1 final is nice. 8 innings, no earned runs for Buchholz is great. 2 homers for Hall is fantastic.

But forgive me if I am not on the “Sox are back in it” bandwagon.

If the Rangers didn’t choke against the Yankees tonight, I’d be listening.
But the Sox are still 4 games out in the loss column behind the Rays… and Tampa just has so much talent that making up the 4 games might be a chore.

If the Sox get to within 2… I’ll get excited.
Instead I am happy that they are winning and are on pace to win about 93 games.

But my guard is up.

Sweep tomorrow and take care of business.

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Gigantic Expectations

The Giants are my second favorite team. If the Red Sox can’t win the World Series, I hope the Giants do.

And call me a glass half full kind of guy… but I am starting to think that might happen.

Now I am not saying the Giants ARE going to win the World Series. Until someone proves otherwise, I am sticking with my pick of the Yankees winning the whole kit and also the kaboodle.

But at this writing, who would you pick over the Giants in the National League?

The Braves? They’ve got good pitching but they are also taking on injuries and may not even make the playoffs if the Phillies continue their comeback?

The Phillies? Their offense can be shut down… and let me say seven words: “Coming In From The Bullpen… Brad Lidge.”

The Cardinals? Lincecum and Cain can match Wainwright and Carpenter. And get past Pujols and Holliday and you can keep them off the board.

The Reds? Might be a little volatile and Giants fans know that Dusty isn’t the best in game post season manager in the world.

The Padres? They will probably win the Division, but pitch around Adrian Gonzalez and you’ve are home free.

The Giants can match up with anyone of them.
They have as good a starting staff as anyone else in baseball. Ray has given them some bullpen depth. And they are starting to hit enough to keep winning.

If they get hot, they can ride the crest into the World Series like the Phillies did the last 2 seasons and the Rockies did in 2007 and the Cardinals did in 2006.

It’s as good a year as any to get some momentum into October. And maybe, just maybe my dad can experience some of the joy I had in ’04 and ’07.

Just remember as I cheer the Giants on… if it were Red Sox vs Giants in the World Series… I would root for the Red Sox to sweep.

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Hey Rangers… Nice Killer Instinct

Seriously Rangers… I was all ready for a kick ass post about you guys. You had a 6-1 lead, Javy Vazquez knocked out of the game, Cliff Lee on the mound and notice was being served that there was a new sheriff in the American League.

Then when Jeter tripled, I thought to myself “Uh oh… I’ve seen this before.”

And when the score got to be a 1 run game in the 9th I thought “Oh boy… they are going to take the lead.”

But with the lead taken, the Rangers had the tying run on third with nobody out and Young, Hamilton and Guerrero coming up.

And they couldn’t tie the game.

This was a monumentally stupid loss for the Rangers. The good will of the rally against Rivera last night was flushed down the toilet and they choked this one away.

Now this can be a learning experience or this can be confirmation that they aren’t in the Yankees class just yet.

But teams with titles on their mind find a way to win this… and if need be find a way to tie the score in the 9th.

You know, like the way the Yankees won it in the 9th.

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