Giants fans, In Honor of Rich Aurilla

The Magic Number to Clinch a Playoff Spot is 35.

It’s late August and if the playoffs started today, the Giants would be in.
OK, they are tied in the loss column with the Phillies.
(The Giants should send a fruit basket to the Astros, Pirates and Nationals for making the Phillies and Cardinals go a combined 1-7 this week.)

Stay focused Giants… there’s October baseball in those hills, but don’t let the Diamondbacks relish the role of spoiler.

It’s magic number time.
Don’t blow it.

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So THIS is why the White Sox want Edwin Jackson

Remember when the White Sox picked up Edwin Jackson and people thought he was going to be flipped for Adam Dunn?

And when they COULDN’T pull off a deal with the Nationals, it was widely considered that they were hosed?

May YOUR team be hosed like this!

He’s averaging 7 innings a start in his 4 starts (going 8 shutout innings with 10 strikeouts tonight) and posting a 0.96 ERA in the process.

If the White Sox catch the Twins, Edwin might be the key and been a bigger contributor than Adam Dunn.

Wow… it’s a good thing they got hosed.

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Congrats on your 400th homer Albert… Now PLEASE don’t get caught

Seriously, the WHOLE EARTH wants this to be a cool and wonderful achievement.
We want to have each homer be a wonderful moment.

But we’ve been stung recently. And we’re slow to trust.

So… I’m not going to ask if there’s anything in your diet BESIDES Wheaties Fuel… please hide it well.

I don’t want to know. Nobody does. We want to have fun.
Hide it better than those other two sluggers who played under Tony LaRussa.

I am rooting for you Albert Pujols. Let’s keep it that way, shall we?

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