But where was the HUMAN ELEMENT to Brian McCann’s homer?

I am sure people who HATE instant replay in baseball were disgusted by what happened in Atlanta today.

Brian McCann hit a ball that was originally not ruled a homer.
It wasn’t a walk off homer.

And then the umpires got together… and saw something.

The ball cleared the fence.

It turns out Brian McCann did indeed hit a walk off homer.

And guess what? The cameras caught it. And the umpires, who have a hard job trying to watch things in real time, used technology to make sure the call was RIGHT.

So McCann was able to be credited with what he did.

And the game ended the way it SHOULD have… with a walk off homer.

A team in a tight pennant race gets to win the game BECAUSE THEY DID!

And I’m sorry that it didn’t have the “human element” that so many people cling to.

I know it hurts to know that the call was correct and there wasn’t the arguing and debating that you think everyone loves to watch.

(Arguing that would have lasted as long as it took the umpires to check the tape and get the call right.)

I know a day like this is rough for people who hate the idea of instant replay.

I’ll be sensitive.

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Tony LaRussa should be trying to Restore the Cardinals to the Pennant race

Call me nuts, but maybe the time Tony LaRussa spent coming up with a speech for Glenn Beck’s dopey little promotional stunt could have been used in a more productive manner:

Like how about a game plan against the Nationals.

You know when you are the prohibitive favorite to win the division with the best 1-2 punch in the rotation in all the National League and a guy who seems hell bent to win his third straight MVP and you are LOSING ground to the Reds and Phillies… maybe promoting a Fox News talk show shouldn’t be priority one.

Oh yeah, the Nats won 14-5… the Cardinals pitchers are letting up an average of 9 runs a game to the Nationals.

Maybe they should have Glenn Beck write THAT on his chalk board.

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Hey Giants… can you at least let fans get to their SEATS before you lose?

Seriously… the Giants were down 3-0 before they even came to bat on Friday.
Saturday? It was a 6-0 hole they dug themselves.

So people grabbing garlic fries or a Cha Cha Bowl hadn’t even finished getting their napkins before the game was decided.

Can you at least put up a FIGHT?

It will be better for concessions if you aren’t so quick to CONCEDE!

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