There’s just nothing to write about the Clemens case

I got a bunch of e mails asking what my take was on Clemens pleading not guilty today.

Here’s what it is:

It’s sad and EVERYONE on the planet Earth knows how this is going to end except Roger Clemens.

When Pete Rose comes across as a beacon of wisdom, you know we are heading towards a sad ending to… let’s face it… a wonderful career.

What else can you say about this?

He’s a big stubborn S.O.B.
That’s what made him great and that’s what’s going to bring him down.

How is this going to end?
Christ, just watch Raging Bull.

(Spoiler alert!)

It isn’t a happy movie.

(Although I would like to see Fat Rocket doing the speech into the mirror at the end.)

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"Wait, Manny Ramirez was on the White Sox? When did THAT happen?"

That’s something you are going to say in a few years when people are reviewing Manny’s career for the Hall of Fame.
They will list his stats and you’ll look at 2010 and see he played a handful of games for the White Sox… and you will say “Man, I have no memory of that.”

Call this the easiest prediction I have ever made.

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Hey Giants… there are no ugly wins. Only wins

How about THIS for looking at the glass as half full for the Giants?
This weekend, a three game series where Friday and Saturday’s games were a gruesome house of horrors for the Giants that were done in the first inning… the Giants actually GAINED ground on the Padres!

Sure the Giants lost 2 out of 3 to a team that is on pace to lose 98 games…
But the Padres got swept! That’s a whole game picked up!

And all pessimism aside, the Giants are STILL only 2 back in the loss column of the Phillies for a playoff spot.

Yeah today’s win isn’t going to be available on iTunes as a classic ballgame… but there is no time for style points.

Just win games and make September meaningful.

Don’t think of these as ugly wins.
Think of them as having a nice personality.

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