Giants fans… how do you describe this glass of water?

On the one hand, the Giants blew a beautifully pitched game by Jonathan Sanchez with a ball hit by Carlos Gonzalez that was played with all the grace and skill as one of the chases at the end of The Benny Hill Show.
They’ve lost 4 of 5 and the wheels seem to be coming off.
On the other hand, they haven’t been LOSING much ground. The Padres are on a season high 5 game losing streak. San Diego seems to have been winning with smoke and mirrors all season. What if the law of averages are finally catching up to them? More talented teams have blown a 6 game lead in September. (Did someone page the 2007 Mets?)
Philadelphia is only up by 2 in the loss column for the Wild Card race and there are 30 games left in the Giants season to make up those 2 games.
And it always better to have your lousy stretch in August in September. Maybe the Giants can get it all together.
Go ahead, Giant fans. Describe the glass.

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Really, A’s?

Seriously… you put a 3 spot in the first inning on the Yankees with your best pitcher, Trevor Cahill on the hill, and you can’t even hold the lead for ONE INNING?

You make a 10 game winner out of Javier Freaking Vazquez?

You call this being a spoiler and making a run at a winning season?

Seriously, A’s… don’t you know you serve at the pleasure of Red Sox fans?

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There’s just nothing to write about the Clemens case

I got a bunch of e mails asking what my take was on Clemens pleading not guilty today.

Here’s what it is:

It’s sad and EVERYONE on the planet Earth knows how this is going to end except Roger Clemens.

When Pete Rose comes across as a beacon of wisdom, you know we are heading towards a sad ending to… let’s face it… a wonderful career.

What else can you say about this?

He’s a big stubborn S.O.B.
That’s what made him great and that’s what’s going to bring him down.

How is this going to end?
Christ, just watch Raging Bull.

(Spoiler alert!)

It isn’t a happy movie.

(Although I would like to see Fat Rocket doing the speech into the mirror at the end.)

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