Once again, I compare Javy Vazquez to a stand up comic

Back when Javy Vazquez was dealt to the Braves in 2009, I compared him to a stand up comic who had one good set and was coasting on this reputation.

Well, Vazquez brought back memories of my stand up comedy days this morning. I remember there were many times I would see a comic absolutely EATING it on stage.

I’m not just talking about not getting laughs. I am talking hostility from the crowd. People walking out. And the comic just… wouldn’t… get… off… the… stage.

The MC would be blinking the light and waving their arms to get their attention. Sometimes they would turn music on. I saw one club owner shut the mike off.

And here’s the thing that always blew my mind about those comics:
They would ALWAYS complain about being taken off the stage too soon.

“What the hell? I wasn’t done with my set!”

They would bitch and moan like crazy. And I would always think “Why would you want to STAY on stage when you are bombing like that?”

I bombed plenty of times and guess what? When I was eating it, I was BEGGING for the MC to get me off the stage!

Which brings us back to Vazquez.
He was brutal this year… as he has tended to be all year.

He let up 5 runs and 8 baserunners in less than 5 innings. And remember he has been taken in and out of the rotation all year because instead of being a #2 starter, he’s been a complete bust.

And according to the Daily News he was upset that Joe Girardi took him out of the game in the 5th inning.

“the fact that I got taken out early, that wasn’t good.”

Um… Javy. You were bombing. Why would you WANT to stay on and get bombed some more?
Girardi was doing you a favor.

Can pitchers with a 5.01 ERA really bitch and moan when they are taken out? As a starter he has a 5.23 ERA and averages less than 6 innings a start (he is a workhorse, remember?) can he really complain about when he is taken out?

You got the light, Javy. Get off the stage!

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Cheer up Roy… I think you should win the Cy Young Award

Last night’s performance by Roy Halladay was far from his best this year.
Then again, he threw a perfect game earlier this year… safe to say he isn’t topping THAT any time soon.

He struggled early and put the Phillies behind 2-0 and 3-2… then he settled down. He gave the Phillies 7 innings and allowed them a shot to win. Which he did.

For those who are in love with wins, he has 17, the same as Adam Wainwright and Ubaldo Jimenez.

Halladay’s ERA is just .02 more than Wainwright’s but he’s thrown many more innings.

And unlike Wainwright, Halladay picked up a win today that his team sorely needs.

As of this writing, he’s my choice to win the Cy Young Award.

That could change at any moment.
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3 is a big number for the Giants right now

The number 3 is retired at AT&T Park in San Francisco for former New York Giant great Bill Terry. He was a Hall of Fame first baseman and was the player/manager for the 1933 World Champion Giants.

I bet most Giant fans have no clue who he is.

But they should be thinking about his number in regards to the playoff push.

They were sunk tonight in Los Angeles… down 4-0 in the 7th… down 4-3 in the 9th inning… they were on the verge of letting wasting another chance to take advantage of the Padres struggles.

Then Juan Uribe did his best Brian Johnson impersonation and slugged a gigantic homer against L.A.

It was a big one… one of those if the Giants DO win this Division, it will be shown again and again on the Diamondvision by China Basin.

The standings say the Giants are 2 games back of the freefalling Padres.

Actually they are 3 back in the loss column, which is probably a better barometer of what the Giants have to do.

They are also 3 games behind the Phillies for the Wild Card. Now granted, the Phillies look like a run away freight train. Good luck stopping them.

But the Giants have 26 games to make up 3 in the loss column to these two teams.
They come to San Diego for four games next weekend.

And how does the season end? With a series between the Giants and the Padres in San Francisco.

How many games in that series?


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