Giants… let Lincecum do what he needs to do

Tim Lincecum is about to make arguably the biggest start of his career. After a month or so when the Giants couldn’t get any decent starting pitching, suddenly things have turned around.

And a lost season is looking more and more found as the Giants remain 2 back in the loss column for the NL West lead and 1 game in the loss column for the NL Wild Card with 24 to play. (And a possible season making 4 game series in San Diego starting day after tomorrow.)

He had a grotesque August where he went 0-5 with a 7.82 ERA and pitched just over 5 innings a start.

His first start in September was a solid 8 innings 1 run win.
They need another start like that against the D’Backs. They need Cy Young Lincecum.

Which means, Giants… let him do WHATEVER he was doing in 2008 and 2009 when he won his first two Cy Young Awards.

Look away, say “Do what you’ve got to do” and don’t ask questions. Yeah he got in a little bit of trouble in the off season… and no, I am not condoning any illegal activities.

Just wink and say “I don’t want to know.”

If there was a guy showing up in a Tie Dye shirt listening to Phish on days Lincecum pitched last year… FLY HIM IN!

The Giants have a shot to make the post season and possibly line up a playoff rotation that could send them right to the World Series.

And they need Lincecum to be an ace. And if it was smoke and mirrors (and smoke) that helped him win, then cue up the Marley and make it work.

And don’t get all Holier than Thou about strange dudes showing up to the Giants clubhouse with substances.

Lest we forget…

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