Well THAT wasn’t so hard, was it Red Sox?

A nice, no doubt about it win (save for that inning where Robert Coello‘s major league debut left a lot to be desired) and Jon Lester matched his career high for wins.

Actually there was something a lot of fun about last night’s win.
The youth.

Ryan Kalish, 22, hit a grand slam.
Josh Reddick and Yamaico Navarro are 23 and 22 respectively.

Lars Anderson, who seems like he has been a Sox prospect forever, finally made his big league debut. Lest we forget, he’s only 22.

And Lester, the grizzled veteran, is 26.

I like this kind of line up. I like holes being filled with young kids who want to win in the Red Sox uniform instead of picking the bones of other organizations.

Let’s have more wins like this shall we? And go into 2011 with a lot of questions answered with the response “We can fix that within the organization.”

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