Nice to see Bob Davidson act out the end of "…And Justice For All."

It’s not often that you can see a grown man lose his God Damn Mind.
But once again, in a night where we should be celebrating baseball, an umpire’s ego takes center stage.
Bob Davidson tossed out a player, Brewers outfielder Chris Dickerson.
He tossed out a coach, Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan.
He tossed out Brewers manager Ken Macha.
And finally he tossed out a fan who was sitting up close and heckling Yadier Molina.
Now I don’t know what he said and if the fan said anything racist, then I can understand it. But so far nobody has revealed if there was anything really offensive.
And besides, the umpire doesn’t have the authority to eject a fan unless they interfere with the field of play. And this was a guy sitting up close. I can’t imagine the guys sitting up in the upper deck of MILLER Park watching a team called the BREWERS and have been drinking beer since 11 AM were quoting sonnets.
But Bob Davidson basically went nuts. And we are talking about HIM instead of Trevor Hoffman’s 600th save.
No doubt he would have tossed Billy the Brewers, all four Sausages from the Sausage Race and Bob Uecker before the night was out.
I can just hear him screaming “You’re out of order… You’re out of order… this WHOLE game is out of order!”
(Spoiler alert on this clip… it kind of spoils the ending but explains the blog post title.)

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