Thanks for caring, Dodgers

3 runs.

That’s all the Dodgers could get against a Padres team that was reeling in a historic losing streak.
3 runs… TOTAL… over 3 games.
Then again it was 3 runs total over 2 games as well. Tonight they hung a big ole donut on the scoreboard.
A Padres team that was flopping like a salmon on the deck suddenly will welcome the Giants emboldened by a three game sweep.
The Giants took 2 of 3 in Arizona and LOST GROUND in the NL West race.
If you told me the Dodgers were practicing their putting in the dugout, I’d believe it.
They aren’t even phoning it in now… they are sending a mass e mail in.
Well, starting tomorrow, there won’t be any scoreboard watching for the Padres and Giants. Just a good old fashioned mano y mano.
The Dodgers will go off to Houston. Let’s see if they can score 4 runs in that series.

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