Cue the Rockies wild dash for the playoffs…

You can’t blame Nick Masset. He looked more confused than a tourist trying to read a subway map when Chris Nelson made the single ballsiest play of the year.

The game was tied, runners on the corners and Nelson made a break for home. Obviously someone yelled “HE’S RUNNING” and he looked to second.

Obviously nobody was trying to steal HOME! Except Nelson did.

That play doesn’t work in LITTLE LEAGUE!

Now the Reds are showing that not only are they probably going to be a 3 games and out playoff team, but if they keep losing like this, they may miss the playoffs altogether.

But here we are with the Rockies again. They haven’t lost in more than a week. They drove the Padres batty and swept through the Reds.

It’s 2007 all over again. OK, maybe not THAT good, but they made the playoffs in 1995, 2007 and 2009 and each year their Septembers were terrific.

Their combined September record over those 3 years?

58-30… a .659 clip.

This year they are 7-2 so far.

Oh and keep this in mind.

Let’s say the Padres and Giants split their 4 game series that they are playing now.

And let’s also say the Rockies sweep Arizona (not that hard to do.)

The Padres would be 81-61.

The Giants would be 80-64.

The Rockies would be 79-64.

3 games in the loss column separating three teams in the NL West… with the Padres going into Colorado.

Oooo man. It IS 2007 all over again.

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