Don’t make today worse

I usually stick to baseball and whatever silly obsession has my attention… but I can’t let today just come and go.

Last year I wrote about how I hated this day on the calendar. I feel this day should be one for reflection and to not take things in life for granted.

And more importantly it is a day to remember that the worst events can bring out the best in people. As someone who lived in New York on that day, I saw how people reacted to an unspeakable tragedy with resolve, dignity and a compassion that made me realize that there is more good than bad in humanity.

However, I am seeing people using this date to bring out the worst in people… bigotry, ugly politics, paranoia, outlandish conspiracy theories, using the event to justify ignorance and xenophobia.

Knock it off!
Wasn’t there enough REAL anger, REAL fear, REAL conspiracy and REAL hatred caused on that day to last a lifetime, let alone less than a decade?

Shouldn’t the lesson of that day be that New York and by extension America is a place where, even under the worst adverse catastrophes, can overcome and work together no matter what your ancestry and no matter what God you pray to or whether or not you pray to one at all.

You want to send a middle finger to the thugs to forever altered the skyline I loved so much as a kid? Then show them that not only are we still strong, but we won’t crumble to fear and paranoia.

Baseball played a huge part of healing after September 11th. And baseball is going to be the topic for the rest of my posts this month. But there has been enough pain for September 11.

Let’s make it about healing and our resolve.

Give to The Children of September 11… or the Officer Down Memorial… or to your local police or fire departments.

Now back to baseball.

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