Carlos Gonzalez could win the Triple Crown!

Am I the only one who didn’t know that?

I mean I knew he was having a terrific year… and I knew that with the Rockies doing their typical late season charge that he had inserted himself into the MVP discussion.

But I was about to write a post about Joey Votto and how his walk off homer yesterday may have been the walk off moment for the MVP. And I was going to list how his stats are so dominating and he has led the Reds back to the playoffs.
Then I looked at the Stats and in the name of Yaz, Gonzalez’s is having just as good a year.
And his stats will please ANY kind of fan.
You like batting average? His is the best.
More of a W.A.R. guy? He is #9
Hits? He leads the league
Total bases? He leads the league
Slugging? He leads the league
OPS? He’s in third.
And down the stretch while the Rockies have gone on this incredible streak?
He’s batted .439 with an OPS of 1.245 in September.
And as the leading hitter, he is 2 RBI behind Pujols for the league lead and 5 homers behind Pujols for the home run lead.
(I guess Pujols isn’t going away either.)
But is it possible that a player could sneak undetected into a Triple Crown season?
Now yes… I know he is playing in Denver which, while no longer the zero gravity joke it was in the 1990s, is still a hitters paradise.
And yes, his OPS is .359 points higher at home as compared to his road hitting… and yes I think that should be considered in the MVP vote. (Then again, Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati isn’t exactly a pitchers park either.)
Either way, one thing is certain… when the Rockies had to deal Matt Holliday for contract reasons, they got Gonzalez and Huston Street from Oakland.
Now THAT is how you get value in a deal.
I refuse to call him CarGo. That nickname is lame… we need to work on another one. A Triple Crown contender deserves a good nickname.

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