Can the Red Sox make up a week in 19 games?

The Red Sox trail the Yankees by a week of games… 7 to be exact.

There are 19 games left… and that is darn near impossible to make up that many games.

The Red Sox haven’t exactly shown the killer instinct this year and the Yankees are loaded with talent. The only way that can happen is if the Red Sox win a bunch of games and the Yankees lose just as many.

But have you noticed something?

The Yankees HAVE been losing a lot of games lately. They’ve lost games where Mariano Rivera has the lead in the 9th. They lost tonight when C.C. Sabathia pitched a masterpiece. They can’t drive in a big run and they are playing solid teams who want to BEAT this Yankees team badly.

They play Tampa 6 more times in the next 10 days while the Sox play Seattle, Toronto and Baltimore.

And with A. J. Burnett, Dustin Moesley and Javier Vazquez pitching most of the games, Phil Hughes being almost shut down and Joba Chamberlain being as close to worthless as you can get… the Yankees pitching staff has to be considered average at best.

And the Red Sox pitching is looking better. Lester has won his last 4 starts and has 10+ strikeouts in each game. Maybe they can get on a roll.

You telling me the Red Sox can’t cut it to from 7 to 5 games in that stretch?

Let’s say the Red Sox get it down to 5 games by September 24th.
Guess what?
The Red Sox and Yankees will be playing each other.

Let’s say the Sox win that series… down to 4 games.

The Red Sox and Yankees will finish the season against each other for 3 games at Fenway Park.

You telling me there’s NO hope? NO New York team can blow a 7 game this late?

Oh really?

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Man, Price and C. C. sure LOOKED like Cy Young contenders tonight

I’ve been singing the praises of Felix Hernandez to win the Cy Young Award since August.
And Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports agrees with me.

And I know I am not supposed to be seduced by David Price’s and C. C. Sabathia’s win loss total.

But holy cats they looked like a pair of aces tonight.

8 innings, no runs 9 strikeouts for Sabathia?
8 innings, no runs, 3 hits 2 walks for Price?

In a game for first place?

That’s what you want in an ace.
I guess it is appropriate that neither will get a win.

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