Oh come on! Let Livan finish the game!

Hey Nationals Manager Jim Riggleman, I’ve got a bone to pick with you.
Livan Hernandez was pitching tonight and also hitting quite a bit.

It was a game against Atlanta so it has playoff ramifications for both the Wild Card and the NL East… just not for the Nationals.

The Nats don’t have a lot to play for this year anymore. They are trying to avoid 90 losses and probably will reach that total anyway.

But don’t blame Livan Hernandez. He’s had a nice year (even if the win loss record isn’t sterling) and tonight got an RBI double and a homer and threw 8 shutout innings for the win.

So why didn’t you have him throw the 9th, Riggleman?
Seriously, was getting an inning of work for Sean Burnett so important that you couldn’t let Hernandez get his third complete game of the year?

Don’t you see how awesome the symmetry of that would be?
Livan Hernandez hits an RBI double, a homer and throws a complete game shutout. That is total domination of the opponent.

Instead it is merely a win.
Crazy managers don’t know to humiliate the opponent when they have the chance.
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If this is a playoff preview, this is going to be a fun October

So we have had one game where it was a 1-0 extra inning classic pitchers duel.

And we had a wild blown 6 run lead, gone into extra innings, big home runs and bizarre 9-5 double play to end it game.

Seriously if the ALCS is indeed going to between the Yankees and Rays and it is anything like THIS, then we could be looking at an awesome series… not awesome enough to have me not notice the Red Sox are not in the playoffs… but I wonder if TBS and MLB will be able to figure out how to market it.

Great players… competitive games… evenly matched teams.

Nope. No idea how to market it.

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