The National League Cy Young Race just got a little clearer

I think it is safe to remove Ubaldo Jimenez from the Cy Young front runner list.

He’s had a terrific year. I’ll go out and say it was the best year a Rockies pitcher ever had. He threw a memorable no hitter, had a mind boggling first half and can still wind up as the first 20 game winner in Rockies history if he can win one more game over the next 2 weeks.

But stats wise, he no longer is keeping pace with Adam Wainwright nor Roy Halladay. And last night, in a game where his team NEEDED him to post a win and keep pace with San Diego, he laid an egg.

Big time aces keep their team in the race.

Brandon Webb’s failures against Los Angeles in 2008 probably cost him a Cy Young Award.

So my hat is tipped to Ubaldo… he had a terrific year.
But he is no longer on the Cadillac board.

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