Are the Giants and Braves drunk?

Seriously… did they start celebrating when they realized all it took was one Padres loss and they’ll be October bound?

The Giants are playing with the urgency of a temp checking their Facebook page.
The Braves got shut down twice by the Phillies and haven’t yet faced a starting pitcher named Roy.

The only Phillies pitcher the Braves offense has gotten to was Mike Zagurski, who not only won’t be on the post season roster but could very well be the 15th caller from Sports Radio 97.5.

The Giants brought back a lot of former greats this weekend for the Wille Mac award and the Braves had a galaxy of former stars honor Bobby Cox.

They should have activated each of the players.
Heck, I think post amputation Dave Dravecky couldn’t have done worse than Matt Cain nor Barry Zito.

So now the scenario that seemed so implausible just two days ago is staring the Braves and Giants in the face.

The Braves have to beat Cole Hamels.
The Giants have to beat Mat Latos.

If they don’t there is a possibility that they have to burn an ace pitcher in a playoff… or face the Phillies in the Division Series… or be playing golf.

It all seemed so unlikely over 3 games.
Not so much over 1.

Like the PSA says, don’t drink and play in a pennant race.

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